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Dawn of an Alliance | Book One


Book One of The Polar Bear & The Dragon series. Plagued with nightmares and confused by new abilities, Whitney and Edward are spiraling out of control…


Summary: Traveling through portals and battling menacing creatures is far more dangerous than mountain bike competitions and rock hounding. Whitney & Edward are in danger, but a fierce defender has vowed to protect them with her life, and Traveller never makes promises she can’t keep. The teens join a powerful alliance and embark on a dangerous mission to save a distant world and its young dragon prince destined to be king.

Book One of The Polar Bear & The Dragon series.

34 Amazon Reviews: Avg. 4.9 Stars/5

Newly revised with new cover.

Illustrations by Mark Pate.

219 pages with black and white illustrations throughout. The book measures 5.5″ wide x 8.5″ high.

Dimensions20.32 × 13.97 cm

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