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Musings of an Indie Author: From Great Ideas to Published Masterpieces

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Debbie Watson,
Author of “The Polar Bear and the Dragon,”
a Fantasy Adventure for Middle Grade and Older

May 19, 2024

So, You Have a Great Idea…What’s Next?

It’s a long road from great idea to published masterpiece. As the saying goes, “It takes a Village…” I’ll share my tips and experiences and encourage you to do the same. We’ll help one another get our amazing tales published and into the hands of readers.

We’re authors and love reading. Right? So, let’s share favorite book titles and, if time allows, brief summaries. I’ll start with a classic...Lord of the Rings by Tolkien is my all time favorite! The characters and setting, along with fantastical events kept me reading late into the night. I’m enjoying the Chain Breaker series by D.K. Holmberg. Gavin must learn newfound skills and deal with forces far beyond his, or the readers’ imaginations. 🙂 Tag, you’re it.

My story began May 20, 2020. I had an amazing idea for a fantasy, but didn’t know where to begin. I reached out to local authors, and discovered Mission Point Press located in Northern Michigan. Lucky me! Their staff of professionals patiently guided me from draft to published product. Thanks to my growing network of authors, interactions on social media, and plenty of hours on the internet, I’m finding ways to promote my books. I’m slowly but surely unraveling the mysteries of editing, publishing, and marketing.

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Tip for this Week, Meet Mary Lanni. (

Meet Mary Lanni, Librarian and Book Reviewer

Authors, if you’re looking for a thorough and honest review, I highly recommend Mary Lanni. This librarian even records her reviews and puts them on YouTube. If you ask me, that’s going above and beyond. To reach Mary, and for more information about services she offers, go to .

For anyone looking for a new book to read, Mary’s website includes a link to Goodreads where you’ll find her list of recommended books. And, just in time for summer.

Cheers to thrilling adventures through books! 🙂

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