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Twenty-five years of lively book discussions with middle grade students

and one rare and vivid dream
inspired me to write "The Polar Bear and the Dragon,"

a coming-of-age fantasy adventure series

for middle grade readers and older.

* * * * * * * * * *

The two young heroes are brave and tenacious,

but still have doubts and fears when asked to do the "impossible,"

and experience great joy when successful.

Challenges and danger provide opportunities for valuable life lessons.

Both teens have unique gives, but they also have flaws because...

no one's perfect, right?

They must learn to trust and rely on others for support.

* * * * * * * * * *

Your feedback is invaluable to my growth as a writer,

so thank you in advance for providing reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

Cheers to Adventures through Great Books!


Welcome to The Polar Bear and the Dragon,

A Fantasy Series ...

With Adventure, Magical Realism and Coming of Age ...

That Will Appeal to Anyone Ages 10 and Up

- - - - - - - - - -

"Debbie Watson has crafted an engaging magical realism combines with a coming of age story with a twist...captivating both adventure-oriented readers and those seeking stories of young women on the cusp of personal empowerment."

Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review


Read Diane's Complete Reviews for Book 1, Dawn of an Alliance  

and Book 2, Dream Jumper 

Keeper of the Portal

Where All Things are Possible!
"Showing why she was the designated keeper of secrets, the trunk of the massive tree sealed itself instantly, carefully erasing any clue it held the entrance to another world"



Meet Thirteen-Year-Old Whitney

Whitney to her Alliance:

     "It takes so much more than physical strength to win battles. It also takes the will to do what's right, the desire to protect others, and most importantly knowing you have the support of extraordinary friends you can rely on no matter what, and we have that in spades!"

I'm Debbie Watson, author of

The Polar Bear and the Dragon Series 

Dawn of an Alliance


Dream Jumper


 My first book, Dawn of an Alliance, was released in early April, 2021 and hit #1 on Amazon's New Release in Teen and Young Adult Magical Realism Fiction April 9th.  :-)

I'm excited to announce the sequel, Dream Jumper,

 is finished and will be available the end of August!



The Polar Bear and the Dragon Series
Summaries, Pictures and Reviews

Book One:
Dawn of an Alliance

     Whitney’s thirteenth summer is being hijacked.  Plagued with terrifying nightmares and confused by strange new abilities, her life is spiraling out of control.  A mysterious visitor appears unexpectedly, offering help.


Illustrations by Mark Pate


Thank you, Mary Lanni, for reading Dawn of an Alliance.

Her youtube review can be seen here: 

Check out Mary's website with

book recommendations

"With stunning world building and descriptive scenery throughout, The Polar Bear and the Dragon, Dawn of an Alliance, is a beautiful story following young Whitney's journey of connection, self-discovery, and stepping into her own power. With fun twists and turns along the way...this is a fantastically inspirational story for middle-grade readers." - Chelsea Walker Flagg, author of the Tinsey Clover Series

"It just might be my favorite book..."

"Delightful Adventure!..."

"Empowering and Inspiring..."

"Exciting Page Turner..."

"Loved this Entertaining Imaginative Adventure..."

"Easy to Read...Hard to Put Down..."

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Book Two: Dream Jumper
Dream Jumper COVER_edited.jpg

    The alliance has separated and unable to communicate. That leaves them terribly weakened just as Yagdi finds itself on the brink of war. They must  reunite to battle a formidable enemy. But if they are to succeed, the alliance must find a powerful and elusive wizard known as a Dream Jumper.


Illustrations by Mark Pate


Thanks once again to Mary Lanni for reading and reviewing Dream Jumper. Her youtube video can be seen here: 

As our young heroes hold to their promise to stand strong no matter what, it's apparent that in any world, perseverance, loyalty, and true friendship are the hallmarks of success....An amazingly vivid world of good versus evil in a tale that draws you in and holds you until the end. Highly recommended for middle-grade readers, teens and adults too - fantasy and coming of age in equal measure! - Vicki Shurly, Director, Peninsula Community Library

"Well thought out fantasy adventure..."

"Great book for middle schoolers and adults who want a fun read..."

"The adventure continues in a new and colorful world..."

"Great messages of friendship and loyalty..."


"These characters just keep getting better and better..."

Book Three: Perilous Passage

The explosion destroys their portal and the young ‘chosen ones’ are lost between Earth and Yagdi. Their powers have vanished, and the teens can’t reach their families and friends. The prime suspect is a cunning little man who appears out of nowhere and offers to be their guide.  Although suspicious of his motives, he seems to know his way around. Hoping they’re not making a grave mistake, Whitney and Edward risk following the stranger, but stay alert for signs of deceit.

Illustrations by Mark Pate, and Introducing Mindy Indy who Created Patrick, the "Scheming Trickster"

What People are Saying about Perilous Passage

"We loved the twists and turns...You know the books where you feel like you're actually in another world? The ones that allow you to escape the real world for awhile? This is what The Polar Bear and the Dragon series was like for our family."

"Valuable and interesting characters add depth and intrigue..."

"No less than gripping...""

"Middle grade readers, young adults and anyone who loves fantasy will truly be swept up in The Polar Bear and the Dragon, Perilous Passage."


Amazon Reviews are Always Welcome and Very Much Appreciated!!

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an Alliance:



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As the young dragon, Aiden, says, "I'm so grateful there was a reason for us to meet!"
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