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So What is The Polar Bear and the Dragon all about?

Seeking two unsuspecting teens chosen at birth to defend their distant world, when strange visitors journey to the rugged coast of Lake Superior, thirteen-year-old Whitney and her friend Edward, 14 discover they have extraordinary powers.


The tenacious teens join a diverse alliance and embark on a perilous and magical journey.

Traveling through portals and battling ruthless creatures in a faraway world is far more dangerous than hunting for agates or mountain bike competitions,  but that's life as Yagdi's 'Chosen Ones.'


While navigating frightening and unexpected twists and turns, the teens gain confidence in their newfound skills, and discover any problem can be solved when you trust each other and learn to work together.

"Debbie Watson has crafted an engaging fantasy...

magical realism combines with a coming of age story with a twist...

captivating adventure-oriented readers and those

seeking stories of young women on the cusp of discovering their talents and strengths."

Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Exciting News!

 The Polar Bear and the Dragon Fantasy Adventure Series
Has a New Look!


Plus...Book One, Dawn of an Alliance has been Revised

Still the original cast of characters led by two tenacious young teens, Whitney & Edward.

But look for exciting new events.


I have limited quantities of books two and three with the original covers.

The prices are good...just make that choice at check out.

Cheers to Books That Take Us to Exciting, Mysterious and Magical Places!

Fantasies Encourage Your Imagination to Wander 

Obeying the Yagdian Leader, the ancient Michigan White Pine,  and designated keeper of secrets, opened her massive trunk...


...then sealed it, carefully behind the travelers, erasing any clue it held the entrance to another world

Whitney to her Alliance:

     "It takes more than physical strength to win battles. You need the will to do what's right and the desire to protect others.


The support of extraordinary friends is by far the most important. Friends you can rely on no matter what, and we have that in spades!"


 I really want
one of those wizard sticks!


I'm Debbie Watson, author of

The Polar Bear and the Dragon Series 

Dawn of an Alliance


Dream Jumper


 My first book, Dawn of an Alliance, was released in early April, 2021 and hit #1 on Amazon's New Release in Teen and Young Adult Magical Realism Fiction April 9th.  :-)

I'm excited to announce the sequel, Dream Jumper,

 is finished and will be available the end of August!



The Polar Bear and the Dragon

Book 1 -  Dawn of an Alliance
1 Dawn of an Alliance 2_edited.jpg


When Hidden Powers Awaken, Two Teens are Drawn Into a World of Danger, Mystery, and Magic...

A formidable enemy threatens the peace of a distant world called Yagdi. Seeking the two chosen to defend their ancient realm, fantastic creatures journey to the rugged coast of Lake Superior. Whitney & Edward will discover their lives are entwined with the strange newcomers and Yagdi, putting the teens, and their families, in grave danger. Will they risk everything to save a faraway world and its young dragon prince destined to be king?

Whimsical Illustrations Created by Mark Pate


Thank you, Mary Lanni, for reading Dawn of an Alliance.

Her youtube review can be seen here: 


Check out Mary's website with

book recommendations

"With stunning world building and descriptive scenery throughout, The Polar Bear and the Dragon, Dawn of an Alliance, is a beautiful story following young Whitney's journey of connection, self-discovery, and stepping into her own power. With fun twists and turns along the way...this is a fantastically inspirational story for middle-grade readers." - Chelsea Walker Flagg, author of the Tinsey Clover Series

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"It just might be my favorite book..."

"Delightful Adventure!..."

"Empowering and Inspiring..."

"Exciting Page Turner..."

"Loved this Entertaining Imaginative Adventure..."

"Easy to Read...Hard to Put Down..."

Book 2 -  Dream Jumper

   The Dreaded Warning Arrives in the Dead of Night...

The wizard's alarming prediction has come true...Whitney & Edward must flee for their lives.


In this sequel, the teens face their toughest challenge yet. The threat of war on Yagdi has separated the alliance, leaving Whitney & Edward alone to prepare for an almost certain confrontation with the enemy. Communication is the key to victory, and  hope lies with the powerful and elusive wizard known as a Dream Jumper. 


Illustrations by Mark Pate

Book Three -  Perilous Passage

A violent explosion destroys their portal and traps the young ‘chosen ones’ between Earth and Yagdi.


Whitney & Edward have fallen into a perilous passage. Their powers have vanished, and the teens can't reach their families and friends. The prime suspect is a cunning little wizard who appears out of nowhere and offers to guide them to safety.  Although suspicious of his motives, Patrick seems to know his way around. Hoping they’re not making a grave mistake, Whitney and Edward risk following the stranger, but stay alert for signs of deceit.

Illustrations by Mark Pate, and Introducing Mindy Indy who Created Patrick, the "Scheming Trickster"

What People are Saying about Perilous Passage:

"Debbie Watson endows her characters with spunk and a can-do attitude that serves them well as new threats and events unfold to test their relationships, choices, and perspectives about the world. Watson's strong characterization and action-packed encounters assure that a wide age range will find this fantasy attractive and thought-provoking." 
Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

"With likable characters and a captivating plot, Watson weaves a fantastical yarn that is thoroughly entertaining while showcasing the importance of universal values of friendship, family, and second chances through an immensely satisfying narrative. All in all, a gem of a book for young fantasy readers."
Pikasho Deka, Readers' Favorite

"We loved the twists and turns...You know the books where you feel like you're actually in another world? The ones that allow you to escape the real world for awhile? This is what The Polar Bear and the Dragon series was like for our family."

"Valuable and interesting characters add depth and intrigue..."

"Middle grade readers, young adults and anyone who loves fantasy will truly be swept up in The Polar Bear and the Dragon, Perilous Passage."


Amazon Reviews are Always Welcome and Very Much Appreciated!!

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As Yagdi's young dragon prince, Aiden, says, "I'm so grateful there was a reason for us to meet!"
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The Polar Bear and the Dragon Series can be found at many bookstores. If not on the shelves, they can be ordered with speedy delivery.


In Traverse City, visit Horizon Books on Front Street or go to horizon


Traverse Area District Library has copies available at its Downtown Library, East Bay and Peninsula Community Library Branches- visit their website



In Lansing and Grand Rapids, visit Schuler Books or go to

Other Online Resources Support Local Bookstores

Grandpa's Barn, a cozy bookstore in Copper Harbor, far North in Michigan's Upper Peninsula carries The Polar Bear and the Dragon. Visit while you're in the area, or order online.

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