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Inspired by Nature… Intrigued by All Things Possible…

Welcome to The Polar Bear & the Dragon…

An Epic Fantasy Adventure Series for Ages 10 and Older

The Polar Bear & the Dragon, a tale of two ordinary teens drawn into a world of magic, mystery, and danger.

Whitney and Edward have lived their entire lives unaware they possess incredible powers. While unforeseen events awaken their gifts and haunt their dreams, the teens encounter an elderly woman. The strange newcomer is not who she appears to be, and her timely arrival will change their lives dramatically.

Ursula has journeyed far to bring Whitney and Edward together. Her dire mission puts them in grave danger, but the powerful protector vows to defend them. She explains their terrifying dreams aren’t ordinary nightmares but part of an evil plot to destroy her peaceful land. Yagdi and its future king are in danger and the teens are destined to save them.

Until this moment, Whitney and Edward believed they could handle anything. Navigating a world of magic and danger will test their courage and determination. 

By joining forces with a powerful alliance, Whitney and Edward discover the true power of friendship. But will they embrace their newfound gifts and risk everything to defend a world they never knew existed?

Fans of The Last Dragon Chronicles, The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, Percy Jackson, and A Wrinkle in Time will fall in love with The Polar Bear & the Dragon.

Meet Whitney & Edward… Two Young Heroes

Destined to Save a Faraway World in

The Polar Bear & the Dragon

What Makes The Polar Bear & the Dragon Memorable?

Two unsuspecting young teens are drawn into a dangerous and magical world.

Difficult challenges will test their courage and confidence.

Relying on the support of family & friends, the tenacious teens risk everything to save a faraway world…

What Readers are Saying

“Lots of lessons for young readers”
“Fans of Harry Potter will love this fantasy series”
“Perfect for middle grades”
“Part fantasy, part adventure and part coming-of-age”
“Fantasy with great messages of love & friendship”
“A magical fantasy for young and old alike”
“Great characters draw you in… adventures keep you reading”
“Sending copies to everyone I know”

About the Author: Debbie Watson

I learned much while teaching middle grade language arts. Great books created lively discussions. Those passionate young critics inspired my journey into writing. My two young heroes reflect their boundless energy and positive outlook on life. While written for middle grades, this coming-of-age fantasy adventure has important life lessons that appeal to everyone.

Author Debbie Watson
Author of “The Polar Bear and the Dragon”

My husband and I, and our two dogs, Parker & Buddy, live in northern Michigan. We enjoy traveling and exploring the great outdoors. The rugged shoreline of Lake Superior is a favorite destination, and the setting for my series.

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